Catalogue - by Choisy-le-roi catalogue number

This part of the catalogue is arranged by numbers attributed by the Choisy-le-roi glassworks. These are usually included in the mould. A separate list is included for items that do not have a known catalogue number.

The list will be basic to start with and will evolve with user feedback. Please click on the image in the table below to go to a page with larger images.

Catalogue Number Description Designer Picture
3 'Eternal Life' amphora vase, with a Greek frieze around the neck and around the top of the flared base, in frosted glass, and clear glass in the grooves of the frieze, marked Tateos on the side in the mould near the bottom, 18 cm high, 13.5 cm maximum width, 7 cm diameter base, 7.7 cm diameter rim. Tateos
Etling 3 Tateos Eternal Life vase
8? Oval tray with octagonal central panel with flowers, 36 cm x 22.5 cm x 4.5 cm high Unknown
Etling 8 oval tray
11 Vase with biconical base and long neck with grooves in a chevron pattern, 20.5 cm high, 18.3 cm maximum width, 6.5 cm diameter rim, 10 cm across the base, signed TATEOS in a groove of the chevron pattern. Tateos
Etling 11 Tateos biconical vase
12 Hexagonal vase on a round base, with acacia ('mimosa') foliage and flowers on each side panel, in opalescent glass, 17 cm x 17 cm at the rim, 19.5 cm high, 11.4 cm diameter base. Georges Béal
Etling 12 acacia pattern vase
13 Thistles lamp base, 17 cm maximum diameter, 26 cm high. Marked 'Etling' and sometimes 'Julien' on the base. Known with a metal base and light fittings. M. Perron in the mould on the side
Etling 13 thistles lamp base
14 Globe vase with bulbous neck, with stylized waterlilies on the main body, in frosted glass, 19 cm maximum diameter, 24 cm high. Unknown
Etling 14 waterlilies globe vase
15 Vase or lamp base with geometric shapes reminiscent of stalactites around the top, in frosted glass, 15.5 cm maximum diameter, 31.2 cm high Unknown
Etling 15 stalactite vase
20 Oval vase with a flared 12-sided rim, with maidenhair fern pattern on the bowl and plain rim, on a round base, 15 cm high, 14.5 cm diameter rim, and 7 cm diameter base. Unknown
Etling 20 maidenhair fern vase
21 Dahlias baluster vase, about 23 cm high, 20 cm maximum diameter and 10.5 cm diameter at the rim. Unknown
Etling 21 dahlias vase
23 Small asters pattern bowl, 13 cm diameter, 6.5 cm high. Georges Béal
Etling 23 asters bowl
25? Oval vase with strawberry fruits and leaves, 16 high. Unknown
Etling 25 strawberries vase
27 Dahlia pattern bowl, 15 cm diameter at the rim, 7.5 cm high, on a circular base 7.5 cm in diameter. Unknown
Etling 27 bowl
28 Pin tray with a floral design on the base, with the corners removed to form a triangular shape, so that the base is square (12.5 x 12.5 cm) and the top is octagonal (12 cm x 12 cm across the corners). Unknown
Etling 28 pin tray
29 Circular tray with handles, featuring two swans on a pond with waterlilies and foliage from overhanging trees, 30 cm x 25 cm Unknown
Etling 29 swan tray
30 Small mimosa pattern vase with handles, 12 cm diameter at the rim, 10 cm high. Unknown
Etling 30 mimosa vase
31 Pine cones vase, 9 cm maximum width, 6.5 cm diameter at the base, 10 cm high. Georges Béal
Etling 31 pine cones vase
32 Octagonal ashtray featuring a dog lying down, in opalescent glass, 14.5 cm wide, 11 cm high, 3.2 cm thick. Unknown
Etling 32 dog ashtray
34 Urn vase with handles in the shape of roses, with a frieze of eight roses immediately above a circular base, 25.5 cm high, 26 cm maximum diameter Unknown
Etling 34 urn vase
35 Octagonal ashtray featuring Diana the huntress with bow and arrow and antelope, in opalescent glass, 14.7 cm wide, 11.3 cm high. Unknown
Etling 35 ashtray
38 Lozenge shaped vase or lamp base with scantily clad lady depicted on the side panel, on a round base, and with an octagonal rim, 20 cm max width, 25.5 cm high. Lucille Sevin
Etling 38 lozenge-shaped vase
42 Small globe vase with cherries, in frosted glass, 8 cm high. Unknown
Etling 42 cherries vase
46 Hexagonal shaped vase with a face to each side, satin frosted crystal with a polished patterned border, 26 cm high, 24 cm at widest point, and 7 cm deep. Maurice Model?
Etling 46 hexagonal faces vase
47 Oblong vase, striped near the base, with a roundel on opposite faces depicting a crouching lady washing her long hair. The roundels have tassels hanging down on each side. Satin frosted crystal with polished corners, rim and edge of the roundel. 29 cm high, 15 cm wide at the base. Unknown
Etling 47 vase
50 'Femme nue au bras tendu', in opalescent glass, 20.5 cm high. Said to represent the ballet dancer Isadora Duncan. Known with a circular metal base. Lucille Sevin
Etling 50 Femme nue au bras tendu
53 Fluted cylindrical vase, slightly narrowing towards the top, with a round rim, with six large diamond-shaped projections around the bottom, on a 12-sided base, 30 cm high. Unknown
Etling 53 vase
60 Bowl-shaped lamp shade decorated with posies of flowers, 40.8 cm in diameter, with the original fixtures. Unknown
Etling 60 lamp shade
62 Peacock vase, in frosted or opalescent glass, 12.2 cm high X 11.5 cm x 6 cm. Unknown
Etling 62 peacock vase
63 Asters bowl, in opalescent glass, 30.5 cm diameter, 8.5 cm high. Georges Béal
Etling 63 asters bowl
66 Bowl-shaped lamp shade decorated with three birds of paradise. Unknown
Etling 66 lamp shade
67 Conical lamp shade decorated with honesty seed pods, 40 cm in diameter. Unknown
Etling 67 lamp shade
68 Bookends depicting a nude female in a seated position, apparently bathing, in frosted glass, 13cm high Unknown
Etling 68 bookends
69 Triangular dish with trimmed corners, with a seated nude female depicted on each corner, 18 cm wide, in opalescent glass. Unknown
Etling 69 dish
71 Lozenge shaped vase with a nude and stag on one side and a nude and doe on the other on a 10-sided base. 26 cm high and 13 cm at the widest middle point. Lucille Sevin?
Etling 71
72 Bird of Paradise vase on an octagonal base, 33 cm tall Lucille Sevin
Etling 72
74 Tall vase with wings, depicting a female nude form in the side panel, with octagonal base, in opalescent glass, 32 cm high, 17 cm maximum width, 10 cm deep. Lucille Sevin Still to come
76 Statuette of the Virgin Mary (called "Lourdess") clasped in prayer, 20 cm tall, on a round base 6 cm in diameter. Unknown
Etling 76 Lourdess statuette
78 Tall cylindrical vase on a circular base, featuring a corn cob with enclosing shucks, and a grasshopper on each side at the base, 29 cm tall, 13 cm across the rim, and 15 cm at the widest point. Unknown
Etling 78 corn and grasshopper vase
79 Bowl with palmate leaves, tendrils and fruits Unknown
Etling 79
81 Vase with birds amongst tree branches, in opalescent glass, 17 cm high, 13 cm maximum diameter Unknown
Etling 81 bird vase
83 Madonna, 20 cm high. Unknown
Etling 83 madonna sculpture
85? Ovoid, round vase with lozenges depicting flowers and foliage, 28.5 cm high, in a blue-tinted glass Unknown Still to come
86 ‘Nude With Long Hair' in frosted opalescent or glass, 22.5 cm high. Lucille Sevin
Etling 86 Nu Aux Longs Cheveux
87 Statuette of a girl wearing voluminous skirts, pulled to the sides, 26.5 cm high (28.3 cm when on a metal plinth). Lucille Sevin
Etling 87
88 Caravel, in frosted glass, 19 cm x 19 cm x 6 cm. Lucille Sevin
Etling caravel sculpture
89 Topless cabaret dancer in a kneeling pose with her head cocked to one side and arms outstretched to the sides holding a floral veil Unknown
Etling 89 cabaret dancer
91 Bookends modelled as magpies mounted on an oblong chrome-plated base, in opalescent glass, 16 cm high (17.8 cm on the plinth). Unknown
Etling 91 magpie bookends
93 Triangular bowl with flowers in the corners, in frosted glass, about 22 cm corner to corner, 3.5 cm high. Unknown
Etling 93 triangular bowl with flowers in the corners
94 Statuette of a nude female with water flowing over her from above, on a round base, 24 cm high. Lucille Sevin?
Etling 94 statuette
95 Sculpture of the dancer Salomé in a wide flared dress with a floral pattern and wearing an elaborate headdress, in opalescent glass, 30 cm high. Lucille Sevin?
Etling 95 statuette
96 Conical vase with a circular rim, decorated with roses, 24 cm high. Unknown
Etling 96 roses vase
98 Bowl with foliage of three ferns with fiddlestick tops, 30 cm diameter. Unknown
Etling 98 ferns bowl
100 Bowl featuring eucalyptus leaves and gumnuts, in opalescent glass, 17 cm diameter, 4 cm high. For a larger version see #122. Also known in pink glass. Unknown Still to come
101 Sculpture of a woman with two fawns, in opalescent glass, 14 cm high. Geneviève Granger
Etling 101 statuette
103 Nude standing lady holding aloft a diaphanous veil, in frosted (satin) glass Lucille Sevin
Etling 103 nude statuette
107 Bust of St Therese of Lisieux holding a crucifix to her chest, in opalescent glass, 20 cm high, 15 cm wide. Unknown
Etling 107 bust of St Therese of Lisieux
108 'Le Favori' - Kneeling lady with seated borzoi dog, in opalescent glass, 18 cm high, 21 cm wide. Lucille Sevin
Etling 108 lady with dog
109 Statuette of the goddess Venus, seated on sea foam from whence she was born, in opalescent glass, 17 cm high. Lucille Sevin
Etling 109 statuette of Venus
110 Powder bowl featuring blackberries on the lid, in frosted glass, 15.5 cm diameter, 5.5 cm high Unknown
Etling 110 powder bowl with blackberries
111 Lidded box, with circular patterns on the sides and three horse heads on the lid, in opalescent glass, 17 cm long, 10 cm wide, 7.7 cm high. Unknown
Etling 111 lidded box
113 Round dessert bowl with foliage and fruits in the bowl, with handles formed from three leaves, 15.5 cm maximum diameter, 2.5 cm high Unknown
Etling 113 round dessert bowl with foliage and buds
114 Round dessert bowl with ring of six flowers in the bowl and flowers on both handles, 15.5 cm maximum diameter, 3 cm high Georges Béal?
Etling 114 round dessert bowl with flowers
117 Trumpet vase with flared rim, with striped kite-shaped lozenges, 18 cm high, 21 cm diameter rim. Unknown
Etling 117 vase
119 'Parfums d'Orient' statuette of a female nude with a diaphanous veil draped over her shoulders, 28.5 cm high, 12 cm wide, 5 cm deep. Lucille Sevin
Etling 119 Parfums d'Orient statuette
122 Bowl featuring eucalyptus leaves and gumnuts, in opalescent glass, 22.5 cm diameter, 5 cm high. For a smaller version see #100. Unknown
Etling 122 bowl with eucalyptus leaves and gumnuts
123 Wine bottle coaster with a lady drinking a glass of wine, in opalescent glass, 13 cm diameter, 2.2 cm high Unknown
Etling 123 bottle coaster
124 Wine bottle coaster with a lady holding a bunch of grapes, in opalescent glass, 13 cm diameter, 2.2 cm high Unknown
Etling 124 bottle coaster
130 Stylised pineapple vase with four panels representing the fruit, 26.5 cm high, 18cm at the widest point. Georges Bѐal
Etling 130 pineapple vase
131 Statuette of a female warrior holding a shield and dagger, perhaps representing Athena, goddess of war and patron of the arts, in opalescent glass, 31.5 cm high. Lucille Sevin
Etling 131 female warrior
132 Vase in the form of three connected carp with open mouths and tails twisting into a trefoil base, in opalescent glass, 21 cm high. Unknown
Etling 132 carp vase
133 Jesus Christ Sacré Coeur statuette, 19.5 cm high. Unknown
Etling 133 Jesus Christ Sacré Coeur statuette
134 Octagonal bowl with four fish on the rim, in opalescent glass, 31 x 30 cm x 6.5 cm high. Jean-Théodore Delabassé
Etling 134 octagonal fish bowl
142 Figurine of a nude female with a lamb draped over her shoulders, in opalescent glass, 26.5 cm high Lucille Sevin
Etling 142
145 Bowl with sunflower design, 30 cm diameter. Unknown
Etling 145 sunflower bowl
146 Bowl with geraniums (cranesbills), with three flowers and foliage, 30 cm diameter, 7 cm high. Unknown
Etling 146 geraniums bowl
147 Asters bowl, in opalescent glass, 22 cm diameter, 6.7 cm high. Georges Béal (in the mould)
Etling 147 asters bowl
148 Bowl with a wreath of six chrysanthemums and foliage, 22 cm in diameter, 6.2 cm high. Georges Béal?
Etling 148 bowl with wreath of chrysanthemums
150 Bonbonniere with a chrysanthemum on the lid, 11.5 cm diameter, 8.5 cm high Unknown
Etling 150 bonbonniere with a chrysanthemum on the lid
151 Hazelnut pattern bowl, in opalescent glass, 19.5 cm diameter, 9.5 cm high. Marcel Guillard
Etling 151 hazelnuts bowl
152 Grapevine pattern bowl, 20 cm diameter, 7 cm high. Marcel Guillard
Etling 152 grapevine bowl
153 Grapevine pattern urn vase, 14 cm high, 11.5 diameter at the rim Marcel Guillard
Etling 153 grapevine urn vase
155 Vase with a draped dancer, with projecting handles, in opalescent glass, 27.5 cm high Lucille Sevin
Etling Danseuse Drapée vase
159 Small circular bowl with handles featuring lily-of-the-valley flowers and foliage, 22 cm diameter to the tips for the handles. Unknown
Etling 159 bowl with handles
163 Centrepiece with an elongated 4-lobed bowl, 48 cm long x 24 cm wide, on a hexagonal plinth with a frieze depicting elephants, 15 cm high. Unknown
Etling 163 bowl
168 Jardinière with handles in the shape of a woman's face, with long flowing hair extending under the bowl, in opalescent glass, 54 cm long. Lucille Sevin
Etling 168 jardinière
172 Ochre-tinted square decanter, with bevelled corners, with the spout and cubic stopper on one of the corners, 20 x 20 cm x 6 cm. Unknown
Etling 172 decanter
200 Fawn ornament on an oblong base, in opalescent glass, 10 cm high, 11 cm long. Géza Hiecz
Etling 200 deer ornament
201 Bison ornament on an oblong base, 18 cm long, 15 cm maximum height, in opalescent glass. Géza Hiecz
Etling 201 bison ornament
202 Japanese nightingale perched on a branch, in opalescent glass. Maximum height known to vary from 7.3 cm to 9.5 cm. Géza Hiecz
Etling rossignol japonaise
203 Penguin ornament on a round base, in opalescent glass, 13 cm high. Géza Hiecz
Etling 203 penguin ornament
204 Canary ornament on an oblong base, in opalescent glass, 13.5 cm high. Géza Hiecz
Etling 204 canary ornament
205 Crouching rabbit on an oblong base, 12 cm x 7 cm, in opalescent glass, 7 cm high. Géza Hiecz
Etling 205 rabbit ornament
207 Triangular ashtray with roses at each corner, measuring 14 cm corner to corner. Unknown
Etling 207 triangular ashtray
208? Pin dish in the shape of a waterlily, in opalescent glass, 14 cm diameter, 2.6 cm high. Unknown
Etling 208 waterlily pin dish
210 Bowl with six roses, in opalescent glass, 30 cm diameter, 6.5 cm high. Georges Béal?
Etling 210 roses bowl
211 Bookends in the shape of swans, in opalescent glass, 16.8 x 6.5 x 12 cm Georges Béal
Etling 211 swan
213 Tall oval vase with orange fruits and foliage, on a round base, with a round straight erect rim, 31 cm high. Unknown
Etling 213 vase
214 Bowl with three thistles (chardons), in opalescent glass, 23 cm diameter, 5.5 cm high. Georges Béal
Etling 214 chardons
216 Tall elliptical vase with a frieze of honesty (Lunaria annua) fruits around the top, with stems below, 32 cm high, 11 cm across the rim. Unknown
Etling honesty vase
217 Small circular powder bowl with flowers on the lid, in opalescent glass, 10.5 cm diameter, 9 cm high. Unknown Still to come
218 Bonbonnière with a floral frieze along the margin of the lid, 10.7 cm maximum diameter, 8.5 cm high. Unknown
Etling 218 bonbonnière
220 'Volupté' — Tall elliptical vase with three female dancers, 32 cm high, 21 cm maximum diameter. Unknown
Etling volupté vase
242 Footed cylinder vase, 22 cm high, 15 cm diameter, with six lozenge shapes arranged vertically in eight bands. Unknown
Etling 242 cylinder vase
251 'Les Veloutes' coupe with a hexagon in the centre and rays extending out to a 'scrolls' pattern around the margins, in opalescent glass, 35 cm diameter, 6.5 cm high. Unknown
Etling 251 coupe
252 Coupe with ferns, in opalescent glass, 35 cm diameter. Also known on a metal stand, raising the height to 10 cm Unknown
Etling 252 ferns coupe
266 Bowl with abstract floral design, in bluish opalescent glass, 35 cm diameter, 5.5 cm high. Unknown
Etling 266 abstract floral coupe
269 Bottle coaster with lily-of-the-valley design, in frosted glass, 12.5 cm diameter. Unknown
Etling 269 lily-of-the-valley bottle coaster
270 Cake stand with lily-of-the-valley flowers and foliage, 23 cm diameter. Unknown
Etling 270 lily-of-the-valley cake stand
271 Oblong lidded dressing table box with geometric design on top and sides, in opalescent glass. Unknown
Etling 271 geometric pattern box
272 Bonbonniere with strawberries and foliage on the lid, 16.5 cm diameter, 8 cm high Unknown
Etling 272 bonbonniere with strawberries
273 Bonbonniere with hazlenuts on the lid, 12 cm diameter, 9 cm high Unknown
Etling 273 hazelnut bonbonniere
277 Bonbonniere with a lid in the pattern of a rose, 10.5 cm diameter, 8 cm high Unknown
Etling 277 rose bonbonniere
278 Bonbonniere with a lid in the pattern of a chrysanthemum set off-centre, 10 cm diameter, 7.5 cm high Unknown
Etling 278 chrysanthemum bonbonniere
292 Bowl with stylised dandelions around the rim, 30 cm diameter, 6 cm high. Unknown
Etling 292 dandelion coupe
293 Coupe with sunburst design, 30 cm diameter. Unknown
Etling 293 sunburst coupe
295 Circular starburst ashtray, in opalescent glass, 13 cm wide x 11 cm diameter. Unknown Still to come
303 Ovoid vase with horse chestnut leaves and fruits, in opalescent glass, 18.5 cm high, 8.3 cm diameter base, 16.5 cm widest diameter, 6 cm diameter rim. Unknown
Etling 303 horse chestnut vase
446 Bowl with three flowers, in opalescent glass, 30 cm diameter. Unknown Still to come
701 Bust of the Virgin Mary with hands clasped in prayer, 9.5 cm high, on an oval base measuring 7.2 x 5.2 cm. Unknown
Etling 701 Virgin Mary bust
702 Bust of the Virgin Mary praying, with arms held down on each side and palms open, on an oval base. Unknown
Etling 702 Virgin Mary bust
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