Etling 269

Description: Bottle coaster with lily-of-the-valley design, 12.5 cm diameter.
Glass: Frosted (satin)
Designer: Césari
Date: 1935 or later (according to Hartmann's Glasmarken Lexikon)
Note: This piece is also known signed 'Cesari' in the mould in approximately the same location as the Etling signature and without 'France 269'.

Description: Sous-verre de bouteille avec la conception de lis-de-la-vallée, diamètre de 12,5 cm.
Verre: givré (satin)
Designer: Césari
Date: 1935 ou plus tard (selon le Glasmarken Lexikon de Hartmann)

Etling 269 lily-of-the-valley bottle coaster
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