Etling 31

Description: Pine cones vase, 9 cm maximum width, 6.5 cm diameter at the base, 10 cm high.
Glass: Frosted (satin); Opalescent
Designer: Unknown
Date: Unknown

Verre: givré (satin); opalescent
Designer: inconnu
Date: inconnue

Etling 31 pine cones vase


The tray shown below, which is signed Verlux, has a similar pinecone pattern to the vase above. As a result, Cappa [1] implied that Verlux is a brand of Etling. However, Hartmann [2] quoting from Le bulletin officiel de la propriété industrielle et commerciale Paris states that the department store SPIP (Société Parisienne d'importation de Porcelaines) officially registered the brand Verlux with the Chambers of Commerce in 1935. For more information, please see the page on brands associated with Etling.

Verlux pinecone tray
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