Etling 43

Description: Small ovoid vase with pentagonal facets around the base and under the rim and two rows of hexagonal facets around the middle, each impressed with a snowflake-like pattern, with a 9-sided base and a circular rim, 9.5 cm high, 8.5 cm maximum diameter, and 6.2 cm across the base. The facets have a polished surface. The rim may be straight or turned over. The straight rim measures 3.7 cm across; the turned over rim measures 4.6 cm across.
Glass: Blue tinted; Frosted (satin) except on the facets, which are polished smooth
Designer: Unknown
Date: Unknown

Designer: inconnu
Date: inconnue

Etling 43 vase

The vase appears to be opalescent, but in fact it is not. It's frosted. The polished facets and the lighting conditions when he photograph was taken are deceiving.

Etling 43 vase blue colourway

The blue colourway shown here has the turned over rim.

Etling 43 vase signature


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