Etling leaves cylinder vase

Description: Slightly flared cylinder vase with three leaves arranged vertically, wrapped round in four bands, 19 cm high, 11 cm across a wavy rim.
Glass: Frosted (satin)
Designer: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Note: The base is signed 'Etling France', apparently in the mould, in an unusual font. The same vase is present in the 1987 Rosice, Czechoslovakia catalogue, numbered 12903, in the Barolac range, which was first produced by Inwald in the 1930s [1].

Verre: givré (satin)
Designer: inconnu
Date: inconnue

Etling leaves cylinder vase
Etling leaves cylinder vase signature
1. Newhall, M. (2008) SKLO Union: Art Before Industry: 20th Century Czech Pressed Glass. Hope Fountain Books. 178 pp.
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